Aspiring International Investments stands for innovation in the field of investments. We live in a fastpacedworld with virtually unlimited possibilities.This brings both, risks and benefits for investors and clients. That is why you need Aspiring International Investments – by combining different areas such as forex, alternative investments (real estate, gold, etc.) and even crypto currencies, our goal is to offer all the necessary options to give you the best investment possible.

Simple, uncomplicated and safe – these are the factors that are important to us and lead to a satisfying result for our customer.


No complicated contracts, long tie times or headaches – change is our keyword. You as a customer or investor should finally get access to lucrative investments, without having to face long tie times or high costs.

Aspiring International Investments aims to achieve great results with well-known international companies and personalities. Diversification is the key to a safe investment! That’s why Aspiring International Investments deals with forex and crypto trading, gold, real estate and alternative investments. Of course, all this under the guidance of experienced specialists!


With the broad earning potential of Aspiring International Investments, all doors are open to you. No matter whether you come from the finance industry and you want to use our exclusive VIP seller contract, or you want to start as a full- or part-timesales partner – everything is possible with us.

Lucrative investments in companies, direct commissions, pools and much more can be found at Aspiring International Investments.


Make use of our personal Aspiring International Investments Training Academy and become a professional in no time! Whether beginner or expert, our experienced mentors will accompany you on your way to success!


Company name:
1. Aspiring Future International Investment A.S./A.G.
2. Aspiring International Investments s.r.o/GmbH

Based in:
Pri Mlyne 5 | 08001 Presov
Miletičova 1 | Bratislava – mestská časť Ružinov 821 08
F. Kubača 1 | Michalovce 071 01


IDENT.-Nr.: 52237150
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+421 940 386 932

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District Court Košice


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