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Important information

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Our company stands for innovation. We keep improving our products, in order to offer our clients the best solutions!

Professional Team

It is our team's main goal to provide you with the best services! Our experts are available over the phone and email.

Diverse Portfolio

We aim to offer a diverse portfolio to our customers by choosing partners from different industries!


We have implemented several possibilities for our customers to make profits with us!

Our subsidiaries

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Our Partners

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Our vision into the future Vision

Aspiring Group stands for innovation. We live in a fastpacedworld with virtually unlimited possibilities. This brings both, risks and benefits for companies and clients. That is why you need Aspiring Group – by combining different areas such as alternative investments, for example real estate, trading in mineral oils, pharmaceutical products, tourism industry, etc., our goal is to offer a diverse portfolio with all kinds of goods!

Simple, uncomplicated and safe – these are the factors that are important to us and lead to a satisfying result for our customer.

What We Do Our Services

We try to provide our customers with a diverse portfolio!

Oil Trade

We collaborate with our partners SK International Trading GmbH and Sinapharm s.r.o., in order to be able to trade with oil.


We aim to invest in several areas in collaboration with our partners!

Pharma industry

With our partners Kolégium s.r.o., OPTIMA-Pharm and Pharma Resources GmbH we provide several products in the pharma industry.

Tourism industry

Thanks to our partner Kortnica s.r.o., we are able to provide accommodation to thousands of tourists. Our hotels are particularly located in ski areas.


Our partners SK Finance Management and MMA Investment Group Kft. provide consulting services to our customers!


Our partner Servisni Rozvojova s.r.o. has many years of experience in the construction industry!  

Real Estate

Together with our partners we offer our clients Real-Estate services!


Also, we offer a wide range of resources, be it water, precious metals, renewable energy or IT services!

Profitable and Successful - Let's work together! Find out more about our business model!

Our Experts Meet Our Team

We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.

Suzan Kesic


Simona Koločiková



In order to finance our partners, we take out subordinated loans. This is the part where you can find out more about how to receive a high percentage of interest for the amount you lend us!


Subordinated Loans

Our customers grant us a subordinated loan.



We use the money to create partnerships and buy shares of companies who offer a broad range of products.



For the period specified, every lender receives an interest according to the loan agreement. After the period of one year ends, they receive their capital back.

No Complicated Contracts Or Long Tie Times - Change Is Our Keyword.

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